Richland One and Hyatt Park Elementary School are leaders in transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potentials and dreams.

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    More announcements

    We read 380 books!

    Hyatt Park would like to Thank the Midlands Reading Consortium for their hard work and dedication in Volunteering to read with our children this year.

    As a result our students and their volunteer tutors read 380 books.

    WAY TO GO Cougars!

    Thank you so much to Omocrion Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity for donating 11 Thanksgiving Baskets for families in need in the school area. Pictured is Kenderick Chiles, Basilellus of the Omocrion Phi chapter, Roscoe Patterson, Vice-Basilellus and Principal Andrea Adams.

    Coming up!

    Language Immersion Program

    Richland One is exploring the possibility of starting a language immersion program in the district next school year, and we want to know what parents think of that idea.

    In a language immersion program, all or a significant portion of the academic day is taught in another language, including core subjects such as math, science and social studies.

    Parents, click here to take the survey: http://bit.ly/1PQxFrv

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    Character word of the month: Dependability

    Our People!

    Grant Winner!

    Our Music teacher and Chorus director Veronica Smith is an official winner of a grant to fund her project "Drumming up Character through world music". The grant was submitted to  DonorsChoose.org through Limeaidsforlearning.com and it will help the acquisition of three authentic African drums for her world music class. Students will drum their way to learn the value of teamwork and mutual respect.

    Congratulations to Miss Betty House!

    Mrs House wass selected as the recipient of the Diane Harlin Award Excellence in Bookkeeping for 2013-2014! The award was presented at the September 23rd School Board Meeting.
    Way to go Miss House!... Our Cougar family is very proud.

    s to Ms. Herrera!
    Congratulations to Jocelyn Herrera for being named Technology Teacher of the Year and Teacher of the Year 2016-2017!

    Hyatt Park is so proud to have you as our teacher!
    Way to go!

    It's a boy!
    Hyatt park is happy for you and your first born Mr. Hingleton!

    Here at Cougarland...

    Hyatt Park Elementary School is now  Tribes Learning Community: creating a positive school or classroom environment that improves behavior and learning.


    There are not Cougars without ROAR!...
    Here you have our School chant: the Cougar Roar!


    Paw Pride!

    Each week at Hyatt Park, classes that have no referred behaviors that reach the principal, will earn a sticker on their cougar paw. When the Paw is full (that is 4 weeks of good behavior), the class  will receive a special treat from the principal. Keep earning Paw Prides...They add up for special classroom rewards!  


    Supply donation helps Hyatt Park

    We believe that if they have what they need they will succeed. -Miss Gloris McClinton.


    Golden Apple Teacher of the week:  Dr. Marcella Berry ...Again!

    "Can't is just not a word in our vocabulary" - Dr. Berry, 1st grade.


    Golden Apple Teacher of the week:  Dr. Marcella Berry

    "I do feel that every child has the potential to do very well but we have to shapethem and mold them and make sure they have a positive attitude"- Dr. Berry, 1st grade.


    Hyatt Park is part of All health team! Thanks Coach Norris!

     "The Fitness bowl" , a fitness competition initiated by Coach Norris is now part of All- health team. The program was chosen based on the goals of the project, measurements of its success with the purpose of  expand it and improve it.


    From the Principal

    Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! Our theme this year is Breaking through Barriers with Unity and Excellence.  This year we are uniting in a TRIBES Community which is focused on creating a dynamic and caring learning environment for all focused on an understanding of Human Development and Growth, A Caring Culture, A Community of Learners and Responsive Education.  TRIBES is not a program, but a “process-oriented approach that encompasses a myriad of factors that assure children’s whole development, authentic learning, well-being, and life success” (Gibbs, Preface to What is It About Tribes?, 4).  Our hope this year is to connect with our community in meaningful ways and implement a supportive, creative, and caring learning environment in order to have a tremendous year of growth for our students. Join us as we begin to trust the process—it will transform Hyatt Park Elementary into a dynamic learning environment for all!

    We encourage our parents and community members to get involved.  We know that when parents are involved in their children's education, the quality of the school improves and children do better in school.   We are seeking parent representative to reestablish our Parent/Teacher Organization in support of our students and dedicated teachers and to serve on our School Improvement Council.  The commitment is only one meeting per month for either team.  Your input is invaluable to the success of our school.  Remember, everyone has something to contribute!

    All of us at Hyatt Park are committed to bringing out the best in our students by setting high expectations for citizenship and academics with our Cougar ROAR:  Respect, Obedience, Achievement, and Responsibility.  Again, let’s have a great year!